Preschool Teacher Holds Breakout Rooms To Allow Jacob To Be Bullied Remotely

Jacob’s teacher called the move “necessary to boost low class morale.”

Area preschool teacher Emma Hood is reportedly reserving class time in Zoom breakout rooms to allow preschooler Jacob Lake to continue to be bullied by his classmates in a remote format.

I know the transition to virtual learning has been challenging for the kids, so I just wanted as much as possible to remain the same,” said Hood, adding “everyday after our math lesson, I divide the kids into separate rooms and allow them to call Jacob names and to send him vulgar messages in the chat, just like old times.

Jacob eats his own poop for breakfast,” said preschooler Gerrit Trombley, before sticking out his tongue at Jacob through his webcam and calling him a“stupid butt booger” in the classroom chat.

Trombley’s mother explained that “because Gerrit is still working on his big words, I help him spell out the longer ones, like ‘poopoo brain’ and ‘crybaby’ into the classroom chat bar.

Everyone has been struggling with completing assignments, and staying focused in class,” said Hood, “I can tell they all feel a lot better and more energized after taking a nice 15 minutes to scream at Jacob about his lisp, glasses, and generally weak arms.”

Why is everyone so mean to me?” asked Jacob, after his teacher left the Zoom call to allow his classmates to call him “four eyes” for his fourth birthday party.

At press time, Jacob’s classmates were seen forcingJacob to “give himself a wedgie” in breakout room number three.

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