Report: Female Cartoon Animal Has Boobs

Cartoon Bunny
The bunny’s bust has been spotted on multiple pornographic websites.

Recent reports have shown that audiences around the world are grappling with the realization that the female rabbit in Disney’s 1942 animated feature “Bambi” has the animal equivalent of human breasts.

According to several sources, the rabbit is not simply drawn as an animal, but includes exaggerated feminine features, such as wide hips, pouty lips, and a tiny nose.

Despite representing a bunny, the anthropomorphic design includes a distinctly human set of curves, complete with a full set of knockers.

The forest creature is reportedly distinguished from her male counterparts by simply having fur-boobs and massive eyelashes. While all caricatured in the classic Disney style, the rabbit’s femininity is repeatedly emphasized through her hourglass- shape, according to multiple sources.

“We needed to add boobs to make it obvious that this is a female bunny,” claimed Robert Flaherty, Head of Character Design on the film. “How else will audiences understand she’s Thumper’s mate?”

In addition to breasts, reports have confirmed that the female animals in “Bambi” also all have mascara-laced eyelashes, as well as a packin’ ass.

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