Report: YouTube Tutorial Too Long

Glade’s biggest critique of the video was its “lengthy exposition.”

Witnesses confirm a student with a slow-running MacBook refused to watch a YouTube video entitled “How To Restart Your MacBook And Clear Its Cache to Make It Run Faster”, his point being that the video is just too long.

According to his roommates, junior Ryan Glade reasoned that he “could get a lot done” in the time that it takes to watch the entire video, shortly after he started it, and that he could “probably figure it out” for himself what was wrong with his computer.

The YouTube tutorial, which includes basic step-by-step instruction via voiceover on how to fix the common computer issue, runs for no longer than six minutes and twenty-seven seconds, but nevertheless was reportedly avoided by Glade at all costs.

For several hours, Glade reportedly fidgeted with random settings on his computer rather than watch the elementary instructional video, which runs slightly longer than the time it takes to write a short email.

At press time, Glade was seen bringing an entirely-frozen MacBook to ITS Services.

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