Students Nominate Professor for Extreme Home Makeover After Seeing His Kitchen In Class

Students were appalled by their instructor’s grimy backsplash and outdated, non-stainless-steel appliances.

Students in Professor Ronald Lincoln’s Economics 101 class have reportedly nominated him for an extreme home makeover after seeing his “outdated and decrepit” kitchen during a Zoom lecture.

Professor Lincoln, 57, has been seen in lectures sitting in front of a white refrigerator which eyewitnesses report to be “absolutely decked with alphabet magnets.” Also visible on the webcam have been peeling linoleum countertops and various inspirational quotes such as “The kitchen is the heart of the home” and a definition of the slang term “hangry.”

“It just looks so sad,” said student Marshall Holmes, a sophomore in LS&A. “Every appliance is this disgusting mustard-yellow color, and all the cabinets are painted white. We nominated him for our own sake honestly, we couldn’t concentrate in class looking at that nightmare.”

Sarah Grant, another student, said, “You could tell that everything in that kitchen was falling apart. The whole thing was crying out for one of those HGTV renovation shows to just come in and save it.”

The crew from reality television show Extreme Home Makeover were reportedly “thrilled” to be given the project. “It’s been slow lately for reality home renovation TV shows, but this pile of filth is gonna make for great television,” said Anne Dartford, the show’s spokeswoman. “We stopped production due to COVID, but this home is worth the risk.”

The crew was later seen taking measurements of the kitchen in the background of Professor Lincoln’s next discussion section.

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