Tyler Gives Two Thumbs Up To Travis Scott Meal

Man Eating Burger
Tyler insisted that the meal was the “Antidote” that he needed.

Upon release of the Travis Scott Meal just weeks ago, local resident Tyler Bancroft, who was among the first to purchase one, has given the burger, fries, and Sprite combo “two thumbs up.”

When asked about ordering the meal, he said “it took me to Astroworld dude, when we first pulled up, told them Cactus Jack sent us, and blasted Sicko Mode they knew right away. We grabbed the Travy Patties and dipped.”

A close friend of Bancroft, Tristan Heston, had a far more unfortunate experience when he went back the next day. “I told my slime at the drive thru that I was here for the slatty patty, when I pulled up to the window he threw the bag at my Civic and told me to fuck off,” said an unsatisfied Heston. “I was not McHaving his shit dude, I swear if my PO wasn’t up my ass, I would’ve fucked him up.”

After asking the disgruntled employee, who chose to remain anonymous, what happened, he said “I’m just tired man. All day these white suburban hypebeasts with no regard for anyone else pull up and order in a different language. What the hell is a slatty patty?” The employee hopes that this trend will soon die down so that “we can at least go back to moms bringing their three kids in for a happy meal.”

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