Best Part Of Lecture Ruined When Professor Moves Cat Out Of Frame

Multiple students reportedly experienced bizarre internet crashes following Professor Long’s decision to exclude her feline from lectures.

According to recent reports, students excited to see a cat in their Zoom lecture were soon disappointed when their professor swiftly moved the cat out of the frame.

Physics Professor Nancy Long reportedly has a striped cat who tends to show up during her 10 a.m. Zoom lectures. On this particular occasion, the cat didn’t stick around for as long as the students would have liked.

“As soon as I saw a paw appear on the edge of the screen, I knew we were golden,” said LSA sophomore Alex Alder. “But then, Professor Long just scooped him up and set him on the ground. I was so mad.”

“I enjoy Professor Long’s class, but I wish she’d let her cat hang around a little longer,” said sophomore Hannah Barren. “It just seems cold to shoo him away like that. He brings the lectures to life.”

Students attributed poor engagement in class to the cat’s absence. “I think it’s about the only thing that makes me pay attention,” said junior Peter Carson. “If not for the chance to catch a glimpse of the cat, I probably wouldn’t watch at all.”

At press time, students were clamoring to get a glimpse of the cat running by in the background.

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