Internet Petition Just Ten Signatures Away From Repealing Long-Standing Federal Law

Internet petition
The petition currently stands to unseat the Constitution as the most important document in American history.

The political world watched intently Monday as an internet petition stood only ten signatures away from officially repealing a long-standing yet controversial federal law.

The petition, titled “Tell Congress to Pass Medicare for All,” had begun to approach five hundred signatures early Friday afternoon, drawing the attention of many political analysts across networks. Its growth only increased through the weekend, bringing it to a total of 490 signatures, just ten away from the necessary threshold to directly amend the constitution.

“Honestly, it just feels good to make a difference,” said Brittany Turner, the petition’s creator. “I had always been wary of activism because, frankly, it just seemed like a lot of effort. But once I found, I realized I could change the world for the better, all without having to really put in any effort or take any risks.”

As the petition has grown in popularity, many politicians have begun to hail Turner as a leader and a visionary.

“During my time in office, I worked tirelessly to make healthcare more accessible for millions of Americans,” said former President Barack Obama. “But now, once a few more people click ‘support,’ Brittany’s petition will have done more than I ever could have for the American people.”

At press time, Turner had updated her instagram bio to read: “Activist | Free Thinker | Coffee Addict | INFP.”

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