It Unclear Whether Neosporin Or Spider-Man Band-Aid Doing All The Work

Spider-Man bandaid
Larson reported that previous injuries had not benefited from the use of bandages that had Minions printed on them.

This weekend, 16-year-old Harry Larson reported that it was unclear to him whether it was Neosporin or a Spider-Man Band-aid that carried the weight in the healing process of a cut he sustained on Friday.

Larson mentioned that after falling off his bicycle on Friday, he applied a reasonable amount of Neosporin Pain Relieving Cream and a Spider-Man themed adhesive bandage to his scrape at roughly the same time.

Sources confirm that when the bruise turned into a pleasantly pickable scab three days later, Larson was uncertain as to whether it was the triple antibiotic ointment or the Spidey-branded, flexible, Memory-Weave, #1 doctor- recommended Band-Aid that took the lead in the recovery.

“I’d like to give credit where credit is due,” Larson stated, “but I’m just not sure who’s really pulling the strings here, if you know what I mean.”

When removed, the bandage was allegedly saturated in Larson’s blood and sweat. Larson’s arm also allegedly remained slightly damp from the pain-relief cream, prompting him to ponder who was the real winner all along.

“Perhaps they took more of a combo tag-team approach,” Larson later stated.

At press time, Larson was seen applying a Thor Band-aid with the same Neosporin to a new cut, eager to figure out which medical supplement was truly doing all the work.

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