Late-Night Snack Loses Flair After Area Man Has To Brush Teeth Again

Recent data indicates that Danoff will most likely have to brush his teeth an additional time after going back for a little dessert.

Reports confirm area man Vincent Danoff ’s 3 a.m. Taco Bell run lost its flair after he had to brush his teeth again before going back to bed.

“I was absolutely giddy eating my taco,” said Danoff, as he threw away the wrapper for his Doritos Locos Taco. “It felt so good to getup during a fitful night of sleep and just unwind with a hot snack. Then it was all ruined when I had to scrub it all away with cold peppermint toothpaste.”

According to multiple sources, Danoff took several minutes to gear himself up to brush his teeth again, and alternated between small bites of taco and short brushing sessions in order to relish the taco flavor in his mouth for as long as he could.

“He looked really bummed when he walked into the bathroom,” remarked Danoff ’s roommate Yuri Zimmer, who also went to TacoBell with Danoff, but did not order anything. “He just stood over the sink and stared at his toothbrush fora few minutes, looking all defeated.”

“I knew it wouldn’t be worth the six minutes of joy,” confirmed Danoff.

Zimmer reported that Danoff exited the bathroom looking “dejected” and “totally lacking the spark in his eyes” he had a few moments earlier.

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