NFL Announcer Seems Little Too Excited After Witnessing Season-Ending Spinal Injury

To sports announcer, one looking very excited and one looking more impartial

After linebacker Chris Parlan suffered a potentially career ending spinal injury during lastSunday’s game, NFL announcer Troy Aikman appeared to be disturbingly enthusiastic after witnessing the hit.

“I’ll tell ya, Joe, you just don’t see good hits like that anymore in the league,” said Aikman to a horrified Joe Buck. “He’s gonna wake up tomorrow and feel that for sure, assuming he can still feel.”

“I hope we can see Parlan comeback in a few minutes after he gets touched up a bit and jogs it off,” said Aikman as Parlan laid twitching at a near 90 degree angle with the stretcher rushing out to help him, and an ambulance wailing from the tunnel.

Players on the field looking up at the booth could see Aikman “jumping up and down” and“running around with the biggest smile.”

“Man, can we please see the replay of that again? I gotta get another look at that.” Troy asked for the 3rd time to the producers who had moved up their face masks from their mouths to cover their petrified eyes.

During the commercial break, Aikman was seen pushing past the camera guys to smash the replay button to get another look at Parlan’s spine getting absolutely obliterated.

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