Struggling Basketball Player Swears He Usually Much Taller

Male basketball player shooting basket
Webster also claimed that the shoes he was wearing “weren’t as tall” as the ones he usually wears to play.

Following his third missed shot in a row early Monday afternoon, local rec league basketball player Davin Webster attributed his poor play to the fact that he was usually much taller.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. I’m usually at least 6 foot 3, 6 foot 2 at the shortest,” said Webster, who at the time of the interview stood no more than than 5 feet, 10 inches tall. He then went on to comment that he “must have slept wrong or something.”

“Right after he got blocked for the fifth time that game, he started going on about how he could usually touch the rim without even jumping that high,” said disgruntled teammate Ryan Jackson. “I don’t know whether I believe him or not, but either way, it could’ve been helpful. He really could have used those extra couple of inches when the other team was dunking right over him or when a guy stole the ball right out of his hands while he wasn’t looking.”

At press time, Webster was overheard lamenting how much harder it was for him to throw down his signature 360 tomahawk jam than usual.

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