The Reason Boys Don’t Talk To You Is Because They’re Intimidated By How Pretty You Are

A mother looking at the camera and smiling.

Oh, honey. Don’t cry. It’s all right. Don’t be so upset. You’re not ugly. I know you’re worried that you’re eighteen and haven’t dated anyone. But I can promise that doesn’t mean anything about your appearance. I know exactly why you’re getting ignored, too. You’re not ugly. Quite the opposite in fact! You’re so pretty that it probably intimidates boys and makes them too scared to talk to you. What’s that? No boy has ever matched with you on Tinder? Aw, sweetie…I’m sure that’s common…and I know it’s because those Internet boys just know you’re out of their league. Actually, you know what? You probably have that effect on every boy you meet. Yes, even the boys in your class who ignore you or say rude things to you. They just don’t know how to behave around you; that’s why they don’t seem interested. They just can’t handle so much beauty all at once, and it makes them lost and confused. You’re not ugly. You’re so pretty they just can’t handle it.

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