You’re A Total Virgo

Resolved and confident woman looking at reader

You’re such a Virgo! You’re so analytical, practical, and loyal. I bet that makes you a total pain in the ass for fantasy football. Are you bullied often? Most Virgos are, it’s just written in the stars for you! When I saw you mess up your presentation in class the other day, I was like yep, that’s a Virgo move. I mean, what other sign could you be? I guess other signs that suck at public speaking could be Pisces, but nope, something about the way that you can’t work Google Slides told me you were a Virgo. Am I right? Your sense of style too! Classic Virgo move to not know how to match. Ugh, I just love astrology don’t you? It really helps me get to know other people. As soon as I saw your pants, I was like, yep, this kid was probably born in September. Anyways, let me know if you’re not a Virgo, it would totally blow my mind. I mean, a lot of the flaws that you have could technically fit any sign, but I guess something about your failures to me just scream that you’re an early fall baby!

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