And You Called Me A Bad Year

By 2016

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Oh, I remember you. You’re the one who tweeted, “2016 is the worst year in history. Fuck this shit.” I believe you even added a few weeping emoticons to drive the point home. I don’t recall what made you blame humanity’s failings on me, but I can venture a guess… Was it perhaps the death of a beloved celebrity? Or maybe the outcome of the United States Presidential election? Oh yes, for so many reasons, the whole world joined together in their hatred toward me, the year of 2016.

How far you all have fallen. All those memes and silly little jokes about me seem so petty in comparison right about now, don’t they? I bet you yearn for the days when “Work From Home” was just a song by Fifth Harmony played in every grocery store in the country.

You may even long for Twitter when it was meant for trashing the female “Ghostbusters” reboot instead of enabling a threat to your democracy. This is the price for your hubris. You reap what you sow, and I will no longer tolerate your disrespect towards me. Just imagine, if you thought I was bad, you may someday face a year even worse than this universally- despised 2020. Next time you try to blame a year for your problems, think again. It’s all on you.

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