Area Man Hurt After Accidentally Stepping On Bathroom Scale

Durmott Steps On Scale
Durmott’s pain reportedly worsened when he had to use a different hole on his belt than usual.

Moments after finishing his morning shower, area man Alex Durmott, 35, clumsily stepped on his bathroom scale, hurting himself badly.

Durmott, a self-proclaimed “klutz,” is no stranger to a stubbed-toe or the occasional twisted ankle. This incident, however, created an injury that the middle-aged man might never recover from.

“I’ve stumbled on a lot of harmful objects in my years. Legos, nails, you name it,” Durmott told reporters as he indicated exactly where on the Garmin Index Smart Scale he had stepped. “But none produced a pain that was remotely similar to that caused by the scale. I’m going to be feeling this for weeks.”

Although the scale had been positioned in a fairly normal location, the space between the toilet and shower, Durmott can’t help but think that this situation could have been entirely avoided.

“I should have moved that dang thing months ago. Somewhere that I could never have stepped on it,” he claimed as he belatedly placed the scale on the highest shelf of his closet. “But the damage has been done. Now all I can do is recuperate, and make sure I never step on it again.”

Recent reports indicate that Durmott nearly injured his corneas after staring in the mirror for too long.

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