Economist Finally Settles Which Prices Right

Drew Carey on The Price is Right
Following his major breakthrough, Jenkins has reportedly moved on to figuring out who really wants to be a millionaire.

Economists have long been plagued by the question of which price is right, but an intrepid economist has finally discovered what many believe may be the right price.

“For a long time, people were saying that no price was right,” said Professor Alan Jenkins, the economist credited with discovering the right price. “Really, though, it was just a matter of matching supply and demand as well as subtracting all meaningful relationships in my life. Then voila, the right price.”

The Norwegian Nobel Prize committee is already receiving nominations for Professor Alan Jenkins from all over Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The committee hopes to decide definitively with peer-review which prize is right before the cycle of awards is over.

“I only wish he could have found it before our relationship completely disintegrated,” said Jenkin’s ex-wife, Samantha Norton. “I guess the right price for the discovery was sacrificing his family.”

“It’s great that he made the discovery and all,” said Jenkin’s colleague and fellow professor, James Roberts. “I just wish he would stop yelling ‘THE PRICE IS RIGHT!’ at the top of his lungs around the office and then smacking people’s papers right out of their hands.”

At press time, Drew Carey was seen begging for change outside of a foreclosed “The Price Is Right” studio.

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