It Unclear Whether Family Christmas Dinner Creating More COVID Guilt Or Catholic Guilt

Large family sitting around a Christmas dinner, with decorations in the background.

During his family’s Christmas Eve dinner, sixteen year-old Zavier Caldwell was reportedly uncertain whether his general unease was due more to COVID guilt or Catholic guilt this year.

Sources confirm Caldwell expected to keep his rejection of both faith and CDC guidelines under the radar at the dinner. As a result, Caldwell allegedly had trouble pinning down which was the greater cause for shame.

When his family held unwashed hands around the table to thank Jesus for their food before their meal, Caldwell, who stopped attending church as a young teen, reportedly felt uncomfortable for more than one reason.

“They kept asking me to take off my mask and say grace,” recalled Caldwell. “I’m not really sure what was more awkward, not knowing how to say grace or knowing I could be spreading deadly germs.”

Caldwell’s grandfather then allegedly gave a short speech before dinner: “I’m so grateful to have a family with such strong faith, even though some of us have….lost their way, unfortunately. It’s good to see us gather even in hard times, sharing food in close quarters.”

After the dinner, Caldwell’s aunt reportedly asked him from less than two feet away if he still attended church.

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