Realtors Successfully Flip Sex Dungeon Into Cozy One Bedroom Apartment

Before-and-after of transformation to bright bedroom from gothic, dark sex dungeon
The corner with the St. Andrew’s Cross was converted into a charming breakfast nook.

Local realtors Angela Jackson and Dave Hardy have reportedly completed their renovation of a downtown sex dungeon into a cozy one bedroom apartment.

The pair began refurnishing the sex lair after purchasing the lower-level of an abandoned building in a run-down neighborhood. The group made a determined effort to be as resourceful as possible.

“Our first task was repurposing all the whips into antique medieval artifacts, the pornographic images into high-resolution candid photography, and even the erotic swingsets into contemporary dining room seating options,” Jackson said.

Hardy noted, “While the history of the space can be a little off-putting, the stone architecture and unique door located on the ceiling makes the room remarkably chic and provides for excellent natural lighting.”

The pair had originally hoped to remove some of the fixtures from the walls, but decided to keep them for hanging art to supplement the inviting and cozy atmosphere of the transformed apartment.

Another issue was fitting a bathroom into the space. “We decided on an open-floor plan with a private bathroom in close proximity to the bedroom, drawing on the classic architecture of Rikers Island to assist our one-of-a-kind look,” Hardy said.

The apartment will be priced at $1.8 million, according to the realtors’ website, forcing the building’s previous residents to take their business elsewhere.

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