Remember, Everyone, We’re Guests Here

By A 5th Grade Teacher On A Field Trip

Listen up, everyone. Please quiet down. Now, before we explore the museum I need everyone to remember that we are guests here. We do not own this place. We’re no longer in the classroom. That means we have to respect this place and behave responsibly.

You are representing yourselves, your teachers, and your school.

Hey, you. In the back. Quiet down, Mac. Stop trying to give Benny a wedgie.

As I was saying, we’re guests here. That means you have to be quiet. Do not touch anything. Do not fool around. That includes you, Mac. You’re on thin ice. If I find anyone misbehaving, I will cancel the trip and we will go back to school and do multiplication tables.

Now, what do we say to Margaret, the kind museum lady for allowing us to come visit today?

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