Student Trades Roommate For PS5, Has Nobody To Play It With

ps5 gaming console in front of a brick wall
Novak was seen in his house by himself playing on the console that was worth more to him than half of his rent

Local student Randy Novak reportedly bartered his roommate, Jack, for a Playstation5, and subsequently found himself without anybody to play with.

The gaming console has been notoriously hard to find during the holiday season, and Novak was said to have exhausted every other option before trading his roommate and best friend to the cashier at Best Buy.

Witnesses report that Jack, the collateral used in the trade, had a “dazed look in his eyes” as he watched his roommate of three years leave the store and return to their apartment where he now lived alone.

In a series of Facebook posts, Novak stated that he “quickly realized his mistake,” after playing Call of Duty: Cold War by himself for five minutes. He felt that his purchase was rendered “completely useless” after trading the only person that would ever play with him.

Novak was later seen gaming contently after discovering online play, forgetting about Jack entirely.

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