Tadpole Wins Rainwater Runoff Election

Tadpole sitting proudly on rock in river with American flag-themed top hat and bunting flag
Frost is reportedly already gearing up for the next election cycle as she advances further in her own life cycle.

A local tadpole is the predicted winner of a rainwater runoff election in Georgia. The election was reportedly for the position of Attorney General of the rainwater runoff pond.

Amphibian Aubrey Frost is the first tadpole elected to the office. She won 52.3% of the vote, beating out the incumbent turtle representing the Reptile Party.

At a mere 74 days old, Frost is also the youngest Attorney General in pond history. “A lot of pond officials told me that I was too young to run; that I hadn’t learned enough in my 74 days in this pond,” said Frost. “My legs may not be developed yet, but I have the brainpower of a much older frog.”

Other residents of the pond weighed in on the rainwater runoff election and what they hope to see from Frost during her first days in office. Frost’s turtle opponent could not be reached for comment, due to having rolled over onto his back and being unable to roll back over.

“I’m concerned about Frost’s plans to legalize gay marriage in the pond,” said local snake Paula Reed. “Those ‘Frog and Toad’ types are ruining the sanctity of marriage.”

At press time, Frost was heard assuring residents that she did not plan to reintroduce the stork population.

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