Ann Arbor Decriminalization Of Magic Mushrooms Prompts Unprecedented Surge In Vibes

A person consumes a magic mushroom.
The city of Ann Arbor also reported increased levels of grooves.

Citing the recent decriminalization of psychedelic mushrooms, the City of Ann Arbor has reported an unprecedented surge in vibes. “It’s all about the vibes, bro,” Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor told reporters, while sipping on a glass full of magic mushroom tea. “Wild, mesmerizing, life- changing vibes.”

According to sources, many connections and epiphanies were being made all over the city.

“We’ve never seen anything like this before,” stated Vice President for Student Life Martino Harmon, “The spread of the vibes is seriously uncontrolled. There’s just no stopping it.”

Reports confirmed that the vibes range in intensity. While some of the vibes were labeled as “immaculate,” others were “just chill.”

Junior Computer Science major Jerome Robinson felt as if his vibes were especially transcendent after taking five grams of the “Penis Envy” strain.

“I used to be pretty boring,” stated Robinson, “but now I feel like a fun guy.”

Robinson reported that the bulk of his ascendence to a new plane occurred at the Nichols Arboretum. Sources confirm that “the Arb” has seen a spike in visitors experiencing life-changing vibes.

Robinson’s body was last seen sitting in a field staring at some trees, while his mind was last spotted entering the fourth dimension.

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