Betty White Buys Bright Red Ferrari In Apparent Mid-Life Crisis

A very self-satisfied looking Betty White sitting in a red Ferrari.

Television icon Betty White has reportedly spent $140,000 on a cherry-red 2019 Ferrari in what friends and family have called “a full-blown midlife crisis.”

After celebrating her 99th birthday, White seemed to realize that she only had so much time on this Earth to do the things she’d never gotten around to. A close friend confirms that “she bought the car the next day.”

With a more than eighty-year career in entertainment, White seems to be looking forward to spending the next eighty years riding in style. “I just suddenly remembered how short life was,” said White on her way back from the dealership.“I saw this meat wagon in the lot and figured that this is the perfect way to treat myself. Ride or die baby!”

White’s recent purchase reportedly has friends and family raising eyebrows. “We’re just trying to make sure this little stunt doesn’t go too far,” said one source close to White. “She’s still got a long, promising career ahead of her.”

White was seen by eyewitnesses racing down the highway with the car’s top down in a pair of sunglasses, blasting The Ramones, and being tailed by the police.

At press time, White was seen dying her hair black and booking a flight to Miami to hit on 20-year-olds on the beach.

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