Entire Class Invested In Scarf Rebecca Has Been Knitting In Weekly Zoom Meeting

Simon’s classmates allegedly begin each class by checking how much the ball of yarn has shrunk.

Students in the Friday morning section of History 375 have reported that, as a whole, they have become “deeply invested” in the scarf that their classmate, Rebecca Simon, has been knitting during class.

Simon has reportedly been working on this project since the semester began and has been seeing significant progress in the length of the scarf.

“I kind of picked up knitting as a hobby during quarantine, and it’s become a thing I do to spice up Zoom meetings a little bit. I get so bored sitting there all day, and I need something to do to keep me focused,” said Simon, a junior in LS&A.

Recently, the Zoom chat has been in heated debate over whether “knitting during class is genius or technically disrespectful to the professor.” However, the chat has not been closely monitored by GSIs, so there has been no confirmation on the official etiquette for arts and crafts during synchronous lectures.

When asked for comment, sophomore Steven Rivers had this to say: “I don’t care if it’s distracting or not. She’s reaching the three foot mark on this thing, and we’re all dying to know how this baby’s gonna turn out.”

At press time, the students of History 375 were seen placing bets on if the scarf will be finished by the time midterms are over.

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