Eric Andre Is My Inspiration

Eric Andre Fan

Listen, man, have you seen that one Eric Andre bit where he puts on, like, a dog cone and goes on the subway and starts yelling at everyone? Then he pours milk and cereal in the cone and makes a huge mess? That shit was so funny that I tried it the other day for a Tiktok. It didn’t get that many likes, but those commuters were so fucking pissed when I got whole milk all over their stuff that it was so worth it.

Eric Andre just always knows how to get a good reaction out of people. With my comedy, I want to push limits too. I want to violate boundaries. I want to make people so uncomfortable that they’re legitimately unnerved, just for my amusement. Sure, he’s an experienced and nuanced comedian whose show could probably be considered performance art that can be enjoyed by the masses, but I can do just as good a job as a YouTube prank channel owner. I think my next big project is going to be yelling slurs at people on the street. I don’t think he’s ever actually tried that, but I think it’ll preserve the spirit of his comedy.

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