Lightbulb Burns Out At Age 26 Due To Pressure To Succeed

An old-looking lightbulb that has burned out, sitting on a table, collecting dust.

Eyewitnesses have recently reported that the lightbulb in the hallway of Jeremy Pinson’s home has suffered burnout due to the unfeasible pressure to succeed by the age of 26.

“We tried to tell the lightbulb to calm down and take it slow, that it didn’t have to shine all the time,” reported Pinson. “But she just kept getting more and more distressed, staying on late every night and barely ever taking time off.”

“Our bulb just seemed way too focused on her career. She was just one of those bulbs that’s always on,”explained Tad Herbishire, Pinson’s roommate. “Even with this, we know that she still has a lot of potential.”

“We just want what’s best for her because that bulb’s been screwed so many times before.” said Pinson.

Once the burnout occurred, Pinson and housemates reportedly took the lightbulb out of its socket and tucked it into bed, hoping “some time off” would be beneficial.

At press time, the bulb was allegedly staying away from any electronics in order to lay down and relax.

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