Rainforest Cafe Incorporates Malaria Into Dining Area

An interior shot of the Rainforest Cafe.

Beginning this July, Rainforest Cafe patrons will be able to up the realism of their rainforest dining experience, enjoying their meals amongst real malaria-ridden mosquitoes.

While the popular jungle-themed chain is known for its impressive fish tanks and eclectic selection of animatronic mammals, reports confirmed that officials were anxious to“take things to the next level” regarding the ambience of dining areas.

“We believe the addition of malaria will offer a truly immersive wilderness experience,” said Mallory Smith, a hostess at the Rainforest Cafe, while zipping up a mosquito net around the host stand.

According to Kyle Gervin, a spokesperson representing the Rainforest Cafe company, customers are advised to talk to their doctors before planning a visit. “It’s important to get one’s tropical vaccinations and a heavy dosage of malaria pills before coming to dine with us.”

Rainforest Cafe representatives stated that the company will “not be liable for the medical consequences of parasitic disease.”

At press time, Rainforest Cafe executives were looking into how to add real tropical predators to select locations.

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