Reality Show Contestant Knows Dead Person

Distressed male reality show contestant covering face
Friends also report that Klein suffered both injury and illness at various points in his life.

The newest season of “Hell’s Kitchen” premiered with an added element of drama this week with the revelation that one of the contestants is motivated by a deceased loved one.

Richie Klein, 36, revealed in his introductory confessional that, in addition to being a pastry chef passionate about French cuisine, he wants to win the reality competition in order to pay tribute to his late father.

“I want to win this thing more than anything. I owe it all to my old man. This one’s for him,” Klein said. “Having to cope with my dad’s death has been harder on me than anything else anyone has ever endured in the history of the world. I think I can handle Gordon Ramsay.”

Other contestants, upon hearing Klein’s backstory, were reportedly heard emitting a “chorus of gasps” with a few of them even saying “Aw, shit, man,” and “I’m sorry, bro.”

“I didn’t come here to make friends,” Klein said, “but I think I’ve found a new family with the other contestants in the house.” He then discreetly wiped away a single tear while soft piano music played over the other chefs giving him pats on the back.

It’s unsure at this point whether or not the devastating loss of his parental figure will assist his skills in the blind taste test challenge.

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