Unfair! This Vase Has TWO Perfect Side Profiles

Aren’t you so jealous of those celebrities with seemingly perfect facial structure? Perfect nose, sleek jawline, chiseled cheekbones? Well, get ready for a whole new set of face envy: this vase, which has not one, but TWO perfect side profiles. 

Ugh, why are they so perfect? It’s actually ridiculous how jealous we are of this vase’s perfectly molded features. As someone with a not-perfect side profile, we probably have, like, 20% at most of the side profile perfection that this vase has.

It’s important to note that most people aren’t naturally born like this, and this vase has probably had to get some work done in order to achieve such a chiseled natural look. But who wouldn’t drop $10,000 on a nose job and lipo after seeing these stunningly shaped pictures? 

One thing’s for sure: this vase is absolute GOALS!

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