Classmate With Gaming Chair Also Has Messy Room

An expensive gaming chair at an unseemly messy desk
Bonham seemed unbothered by the half dozen empty liter bottles and stack of pizza boxes strewn across the floor behind him.

Several students in the Friday section of Philosophy 298 noted that classmate Charlie Bonham not only possesses a gaming chair but also seems to have an extremely disorganized room.

Reports of Bonham’s living situation were first dominated by multiple students’ observations that his seating of choice appeared to be an AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair AK-EX. However, after the LSA junior took a brief trip out of frame of his Zoom screen, classmates noted the rest of his bedroom was in complete disarray.

“Charlie is definitely one of those gamer guys. He has that weird kind of chair with a headrest and I think hiskey board lights up too,” said Audrey Tremaine, a sophomore in the class. “That’s a lot in itself, but then he got up to use the bathroom or something, and I saw he had dirty laundry all over the floor. I bet those sheets hadn’t been washed in a while too.”

Bonham had not attracted much attention in Philosophy 298 up until this point, but now multiple peers are beginning to take interest in him and his complete lack of organization.

“That dude’s room is an absolute train wreck. Like, saying it’s messy is accurate, I guess, but I feel like it’s more than that. I don’t know what game he’s playing, but it must be pretty good if he’s not even bothering to throw away those Panda Express takeout boxes,” said Rob Fillmore, a junior in Ross.

At press time, Bonham was seen throwing an empty water bottle over his shoulder and onto a pile of other empty water bottles already sitting next to his dresser.

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