Family Arguing Over Board Game Rules Like They Trial Lawyers

A family plays a board game.
Carl Oliver reportedly shouted, “Objection!” every time a family member suggested different rules than his own.

The Oliver Family of West Pine Dr. was seen last Saturday huddled around the dinner table playing Monopoly and arguing over the rules as if they were arguing before a judge and jury.

“In the rules it says nowhere that you can collect money on Free Parking. Nowhere,” argued Carl Oliver, the family Dad, holding up the rules like they were books of law. Though his daughter Elizabeth concurred, his wife, Melanie dissented.

“That’s how we played it when I was a kid, and that’s how millions of people play it today,” argued Mrs. Oliver, 47. “The precedent is very clear.” She was later seen going through multiple blog posts confirming her point of view like she was reading the Federalist Papers.

“Blogs on the internet don’t necessarily mean anything,” said the oldest daughter, Allie, widely seen as a swing vote. “But there is precedence for using home rules when playing popular games, especially one with so many varieties.” Her speech was later described as “eloquent, passionate, and very convincing.”

At press time, the family was seen watching a movie instead.

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