Family Dog Immortalized In Email Password

A sticky note stuck to a computer reading "Wifi Password: rainbow1217"
Mrs. Tyler was allegedly proud of her own “brilliance” when she set her phone passcode to her birthday.

The Tyler Family has reportedly honored their late dog Rainbow by making his name a part of an email password used by their mother, Carol.

The family matriarch was seen adding Rainbow’s name to his date of birth and updating her Gmail account’s password to Rainbow1217 from the original “password123.”

“I think this is just a great way of remembering Rainbow,” said Tyler, accidentally replying-all to a PTO email that was just meant for neighborhood mom Sharon. “Nobody will guess that our password is our old dog, it’s just too clever.”

The oldest of the four Tyler children, Kashton, was seen using the commemorative password to sign into his middle school Google Classroom, taking the lead from his father who reportedly uses it for his bank account.

Rainbow, who passed away at the age of 10 last month, received an outpouring of tribute from Carol’s Facebook friends. In an emotional post, she commented that “he was a member of our family,” and that “we will find away to move on by keeping a piece of him with every computer we log on to.”

The Johnson family was later seen meeting with their attorney after suffering from identity theft.

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