Local Singer Also Songwriter

A young woman with a guitar singing passionately
Harmon was last seen gesturing toward her songwriting notebook, referring to it as her “life.”

In a move that shocked all those close to her, SMTD sophomore Julia Harmon, who is known for her singing, recently announced that she is also a songwriter.

“People definitely didn’t see it coming,” claimed Harmon. “Everyone who knows me was like, ‘Oh, Julia is a singer, and that’s it.’ They were so surprised when I told them that I do way more than that.”

Harmon’s proclamation has led to a thorough examination as to whether or not other singers share her songwriting affinity. Fans were shocked to find that stars from Joni Mitchell to Elton John are also writing music.

“I just assumed that if someone is a singer, they can’t be a songwriter, too,”explained Rolling Stone columnist Rachel Nguyen. “This shocked a lot of people, but those of us at the forefront of the music industry felt the most blindsided. I mean, come on! Do you really expect me to believe that Taylor Swift sang and wrote ‘Love Story?’ It’s baloney!”

At press time, Harmon was seen adding her new hyphenated title to her Instagram bio.

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