Man Way Overthinking Venmo Caption Again

A man looking determinately at his phone
Banks considered jokingly using the caption “head” to describe the transaction but then discarded the idea in case his girlfriend saw it.

Several eye-witnesses reported that LSA sophomore Cassius Banks was once again overthinking his Venmo caption for a $10 payment to a friend.

The payment, which was to go towards their Uber Eats order of a Bacon Club Chalupa Combo at Taco Bell, yielded within Cassius a multitude of ways to be described.

“I saw the ‘What’s it for?’ question in the panel, and I freaked,” stated Banks, as he scrolled through pages of emojis, trying out different ones.

“I wanna do something quirky and funny,” stated Banks, as he tried out numerous niche phrases and sayings. “It’s like a little inside joke between the two of us for everyone else to envy.”

Sources confirmed that as the time wore on, Banks felt the pressure to deliver prior to his delivery. “I can’t keep my followers waiting. How else are they going to know that I have the capacity to be charming while exchanging monetary funds through a mobile payment service owned by PayPal?”

At press time, Banks was last seen hitting a “creative block” on his much-anticipated payment to his friend, having captioned his transaction as “taco bell” for all to see.

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