Taco Belle First Princess In Disney Fast Food Brand Deal

Belle from 'Beauty And The Beast' stands in a Taco Bell.
The fast food chain will reportedly incorporate speakers playing songs from The "Beauty and the Beast" in seating areas.

This past Friday, The Walt Disney Company announced the release of Taco Belle, the first official princess in a multi-million dollar marketing agreement with a number of American fast food restaurants.

According to reports, the business agreement transfers the rights to the namesake of the Disney princesses to restaurants in an attempt to earn advertising revenue for all parties. Disney CEO Bob Chapek revealed the company will be also re-animating the original Beauty and the Beast to include Taco Bell product placement.

Reports confirm that select Taco Bell locations will include a meet-and-greet with a real-life Taco Belle, who will hand out free tacos and roses to children while in costume.

“We are so excited to invite Belle into the Taco Bell franchise,” said TacoBell manager Diane Korwick. “It’s a tale as old as taquitos.”

At press time, The Walt Disney Company announced Snow White Castle as the next princess to be rebranded.

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