This Seashell Is Unlike Any Other Seashell Because If You Put This Seashell To Your Ear You Can Hear The Execution Of King Louis XVI

This seashell is unique, it is NOT like the other seashells you may have encountered. This seashell plays the solemn sounds of King Louis XVI’s execution if you put this seashell to your ear.

If you put any other seashell to your ear, you may hear waves or echoes of the wind (yawn!), but not in this one. If you’ve ever wondered what a bloodthirsty 18th century crowd sounds like, you can find out by putting this unique seashell to your ear.

The next time you visit the beach or any other location with sand and salt water, look for this seashell. It will be sticking out in the sand, as seashells tend to do, playing the sweet sounds of revolution from its inner chambers.

If you pick up this seashell, put it to your ear to enjoy such unique chants such as “baise ce mec” (fuck this dude) or “mangeons sa tête” (let’s eat his head). The chants will feel like lullabies, calming those who put it to their ear.

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