Yahoo! Victim Of Massive Data Leak, Tens Of Users’ Personal Information Stolen

A search of the dark web found dozens of email passwords for sale.

Last Sunday, tech giant Yahoo!’s servers were attacked, and the data of an estimated 12 users were leaked.

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer said, “I would like to personally apologize to all users, not just those affected by the leak. Users such as Dana Matthews of Youngstown, Ohio; Edward Browne from Flagstaff, Arizona; Warren Koch from Buffalo, New York.” Mayer ended the remarks stating the meeting was going over the allotted time and apologized that she did not have time to name all 27 current users.

Yahoo! says that in an attempt to get back on their users’ “good side,” they intend to send to all users an apology card saying, “I’m BEARy sorry our incompetence led to the theft of your personal information” with a “cute, little” teddy bear on it. This move is estimated to cost nearly $100 after shipping and could possibly bankrupt the company.

Many users are outraged at the mishandling of their data on this scale. “You never see Google or Apple having data leaks on this scale,” claimed one outrages user. “They don’t let just anyone take it. They auction it off to the highest bidder.”

At press time, Marissa Mayer was seen hand-signing each apology card.

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