3 Times The Masked Singer Transported Me To An Alternate Dimension Where I Had To Fight Nick Cannon For Control of The Multiverse

  1. When the demon beneath this garment stole my soul and threatened my family unless I was willing to travel to a place known only as “The Forbidden Land.” I was escorted by the local townsmen to a fighting cage where I was given no choice but to hospitalize Nick Cannon to keep him from seizing control of the multiverse.

2. When whatever the fuck this thing is climbed through my window and trapped me in a 5th dimension corn maze blindfolded. I had to escape before a timer ran out that would turn me into a mutated gerbil. Once out, I was yet again met by Nick Cannon who spent years learning telekinesis in order to defeat me. But I prevailed and retained control of the many worlds. 

  1. When this mushroom took me into the wilderness and pushed me down a rabbit hole into “Fungisland” where I had to spend months learning their ancient dialect so that I could ask their Mushroom Queen for the Sword of Toadstool in order to train for an upcoming battle. When I was met by Nick Cannon in the Garden of Elves he had metamorphosed into a dragon, where I had to behead him and award the Elder Mushroom his corpse in order to retain control of the multiverse.

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