Aliens In Search Of Alcohol Want To Be Taken To Your Liter

An alien crowdsurfing at a house party.
JAX-482 and BLU-99 announced that if anyone wanted to join a party with them in the future at their home galaxy, they would be happy to “planet.”

After scanning every party scene, intergalactic alien visitors JAX-482 and BLU- 999 reportedly came down to Earth last Friday hoping to be taken to a liter.

Upon arrival, the two extra­terrestrial outsiders quickly gravitated towards the bar. “Take us to your liter;’ BLU- 999 told the bartender, who responded with great haste, introducing the alien to a wide array of alcohol choices.
“We come in peace;’ stated JAX-482, “And now we’d like a piece of this Smirnoff.”

Sources confirmed that the alcohol caused the aliens to behave “out of this world” and that their drunken dance moves “were interstellar at best.”

Reports claimed that the vodka made these visitors feel like they were receiving an especially warm welcome.
At press time, JAX-482 and BLU-99 had abducted yet another bottle of booze from the firm clutches of the partying Earthlings.

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