Analysis Of Bad Dream Scarier Than Actual Bad Dream

Frustrated woman
Simpson later said that she “would rather just pull an all-nighter.”

Recent reports have confirmed that an interpretation of area woman Georgia Simpson’s bad dream was even more upsetting than the dream itself.

“The dream alone was enough to freak me out. I was getting ready to go on a trip, and everytime I tried to zip my suitcase shut, I’d actually unzip it and then snakes and scorpions would start pouring out of it. Freaky right?” Simpson commented.

“But then I looked up ‘snake suitcase dream’ and found this explanation that said it means I’m in denial of my own cosmic insignificance,” Simpson continued. “Now that really did not sit well.”

The explanation in question has been sourced to the website

Dr. Carissa Wescott, a preeminent sleep therapist, noted, “This is not an uncommon occurrence. People dig too deep into an upsetting dream only to further upset themselves. Just yesterday, I had a patient come in with some random nightmares about falling down a hole and she left thinking she and her husband needed a divorce.”

At press time, the stress that the analysis caused reportedly made Simpson have even scarier dreams the following night.

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