“April Showers, Brings May Flowers,” Reports Woman Named April Preparing For Date

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In spite of the anticipation, the date was reportedly cut short by an unexpected rainstorm.

Sources confirm that local woman April Patterson was seen hurrying around her apartment muttering “April showers, brings May flowers” repeatedly to herself while preparing for her first date with longtime crush May Brooks. 

“I’d heard that phrase my whole life and never understood it,” remarked Patterson. “I was so nervous prepping for this date, and it was like every rational thought left my head. The only thing I could remember was this dumb childhood rhyme, and it gave me two very clear instructions.”

In adherence to the classic phrase, April took a shower and subsequently ordered flowers to be delivered to May. This proved to be an “excellent course of action,” reported witnesses who saw the allegedly “pretty good” date unfold. 

“I can’t believe this actually worked out,” commented Brooks after their date. “I always thought that phrase was just about months, but apparently it’s way more relevant than we all thought. I wonder if there are any other kids’ rhymes that actually happen?”

At press time, a local woman named Thirty Days was reportedly in the maternity wing of the hospital after having children named September, April, June, and November.

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