Area Kid Beats Science, Touches Together Positive Ends Of Two Magnets

Two North end magnets inexplicably close to each other

Eyewitness reports have recently confirmed that area fourth-grader Jimmy Collins pushed together two positively-
charged refrigerator magnets this past Monday, in a move experts have lauded as pushing the bounds of scientific discovery.

The elementary student allegedly overpowered the laws of physics “by sheer force”, after just minutes of fiddling around with the magnets. Reports confirm Jimmy made sure the magnets aligned in just the right position that made contact inevitable as he pushed them together.

Experts testify that the feat is a game-changer for all those studying magnetism. “Two positive charges will always repel each other,” confirmed physicist Theresa Madison. “However, we in the physics community are excited to share that there is at least officially one scientific exception: nine year-old Jimmy’s willpower.”

When asked how his accomplishment made him feel, Jimmy said, “I guess I’m just the most determined kid out there.”

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