Area Man Starting To Think That Furniture Store Isn’t Actually Going Out Of Business

A store with a "Going Out of Business Sale" sign on it.
Hawthorne also began to consider that the local high-end home goods store was also never going to close.

Ann Arbor resident Carl Hawthorne reportedly said to his friends that he may not believe that local furniture store Daval’s Warehouse is closing their doors forever.

The store, located on South Packard, is adorned with signs that say “Store Closing!” and “Everything Must Go!” that allegedly seem like they were made in the nineties.

“I don’t know, it just seems like they were going out of business last year;’ commented Hawthorne. “Now, here they are again, saying the exact same thing? I’m not buying it.”

“Every time I hear their commercial, it’s ‘liquidation this’ and ‘clearance sale’ that, but I’m starting to think they might be pulling a fast one on us;’ the young man commented skeptically.

Other locals reported that there’s been a furniture store on site for decades, noting that it’s also always had the same owner and cheap marketing gimmicks.

The store was later seen changing their name to “DeWalt’s Homestore” and raising their prices again.

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