Dasani Launches New Mouth Flavored Water

A Dasani water bottle with the title "mouth-flavored"

In an effort to separate themselves from competitors in the bottled water industry, the Coca-Cola Company has announced the release of their newest Dasani product, Mouth Flavored Water.

The announcement of Mouth Flavor came after a recent surge of scrutiny surrounding the aftertaste produced by Dasani’s beverages.

“The last thing we’d want is for our water to leave an unsettling taste in consumers’ mouths,” said Dasani’s chairman and CEO, James Quincey. “We figure that the best way to mitigate this is by having our water taste like a
person’s mouth.”

After thorough market research, Dasani is confident that their new flavor or water will satisfy a broad segment of

“Water appeals to everyone, yet it has no taste,” Quincey told reporters while showing off the new packaging for Mouth Flavored Water. “We speculate that this means that everyone probably enjoys the taste of their own oral cavity. So why not enhance that great taste?”

Quincey hinted to reporters of a potential expansion of Mouth Flavored Water, consisting of a more customized
flavor profile with products such as Dasani Dad-Mouth and Dasani Morning-Breath.

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