Floral Instagram Graphic Diagnoses Area Woman With Crippling Anxiety

A woman shamefully displying her anxiety-influenced phone screen

Sources have confirmed that, last Saturday, Kinesiology junior Kara Bagnall was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder by a pink floral Instagram post. 

The collection of photos, posted by the account @quirky_girls_wellness, began with a title slide containing the text “~*~8 Signs You’re More Than Just Stressed Out~*~.” The words were surrounded by a wreath of roses and daisies, and speculations have been made regarding the potential use of the “Mayfair” filter.

“I honestly had no idea that I had clinical anxiety,” Bagnall explained. “But some of the things in that post were literally exactly what I’ve been experiencing for years. Like, one of the slides said, ‘You get overwhelmed when you have more than one project to do at a time,’ and that is so me.”

Dr. Amy Schull, Bagnall’s psychiatrist, offered her opinion on the diagnosis: “I’ve been working with Kara for over 6 years. I prescribed her ADHD medication when she was a freshman in high school and have met with her on a monthly basis since then. I have never seen any signs of anxiety.”

Friends have offered extensive support to Kara as she copes with her newfound illness. Roommate Lila Hannon stated, “I can tell the whole anxiety thing has really got her worried. She’s never had a panic attack before, but the thought of maybe having one someday really freaks her out.”

At press time, Bagnall was seen googling “how to get a xanax prescription.” 

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