Girlfriend’s Brother’s Disney+ Account OnlyThing Holding Relationship Together

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The relationship nearly fell apart the last time the account’s password was unexpectedly changed.

The romantic relationship between LSA junior Inez Welsh and SMTD senior Alex Beckham is reportedly “only being sustained” by the couple’s access to Welsh’s older brother Jeremy’s Disney+ account.

“We barely see each other anymore, and when we do see each other we always fight, except for when we’re watching something,” said Welsh when reached for comment. “So, thank goodness there’s always new things being added to Disney+, or else we definitely would have broken up by now.”

“Yeah, things have been pretty rocky, I’m not gonna lie,” responded Beckham, “but we just started the first season of ‘The Simpsons,’ so I think we’ll stick it out for a few more months at least.”

“Part of me knows that we’re not really good for each other,” he continued, “but the other part of me knows that if I end things she will definitely make her brother change the password, and then what am I gonna be, single and paying $12.99 a month to watch the next season of ‘Wandavision?’ No, thank you.”

At press time, the couple was seen fighting over which Indiana Jones movie to watch.

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