Godzilla And King Kong Pledge Half Of Fight Proceeds To Charity

A flyer for the Godzilla vs. Kong charity boxing match.
Despite being ready for an "epic showdown," the two gargantuan mutants agree the upcoming fight is "about helping others, at the end of the day."

Godzilla and King Kong, known for their unprecedented size and strength, as well as their upcoming brawl, have both pledged to donate half of their fight proceeds to a charity of their choice. 

The winner of the highly anticipated heavyweight rumble is set to take home a pot of $200 million. Ahead of the fight, the only thing guaranteed is that half of that total will be benefiting a lucky charity or non-profit organization of the winner’s choosing. 

“This one means a little more to King Kong than past fights,” said Eric Attler, King Kong’s personal trainer and coach. “I think it’s the opportunity to do something really good, to make a difference, that’s what’s motivating him for this match.”

There is no love lost between Godzilla and King Kong. However, they are both excited to have the opportunity to be a driver of positive change.

“Godzilla has always assumed a personal responsibility to help those in need;’ Godzilla’s publicist and social media manager, Donna Peters, told reporters. “He is all too aware of the inequities that are present in our society. He would like to be a leader in eliminating these discrepancies.'”

Neither King Kong nor Godzilla have confirmed which particular charity they have their eyes set on, but if one thing is for certain, the winner is going to have the chance to change the lives of many deserving individuals.

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