GroupMe Conversation Screeches To Halt As Matt “Likes” A Message

Phone screen showing GroupMe app
According to the club, the heart icon reportedly did not signify any type of goodwill.

A conversation in a campus student org GroupMe ended suddenly as club treasurer Matt Erikson “liked” a message.

The group chat had been steadily moving along in conversation about fundraising for the next semester, when Matt made his decision to silence conversation.

The question posed to him, regarding asking other organizations for ideas, was simply “liked,” putting an end to all further discussion.

“We were having such a good and productive talk,” says club member Angie Franklin. “There was a great back-and-forth, a few memes here and there. It was a good time! And then it just stopped.”

Erikson claimed that he didn’t end the conversation on purpose and that he’d just meant to give a quick affirmation. “I was working out and my phone was blowing up. I couldn’t devote a whole lotta time to participate, so I did something quick!” But according to club President Amelia Stafford, “the damage was done.”

Erikson was later seen reacting with a heart to a text from his grandma to which she did not respond.

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