Johnson And Johnson Voted Kevin Jonas Of Vaccines

Split image of Kevin Jonas and vaccine vial
The vaccine was additionally voted the Peggy Schuyler of vaccines among musical fans.

The American public has voted Johnson and Johnson the “Kevin Jonas of vaccines” through a recent survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Cindy Melinda, a “massive Jo Bros fan” who helped create the survey, wrote, “Of the three US vaccines, Johnson and Johnson isn’t really the one that most people pine after. They’d definitely take it, if given the opportunity, but the other two vaccines are more favorable.” 

Demi Lovato made similar comments in a recent press conference, saying, “Like, if Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, and Moderna were in the Camp Rock series, Pfizer would be the lead of the first movie, Moderna the lead of the second, and Johnson and Johnson would probably have one line about building a birdhouse at some point.” 

In a later follow-up survey, Frankie Jonas, the forgotten youngest Jonas brother, was voted most similar to the AstraZeneca vaccine because Americans “haven’t really heard of him–Some people know that he exists, but he’s definitely not part of the power trio.”

At press time, Kevin Jonas announced that he even voted for himself because “if Johnson and Johnson was in a band, it would be the one who can’t sing and hides towards the back of the stage while the other vaccines take lead vocals.” 

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