Man Rewinds Show 10 Seconds Because He “Missed That Part”

Naismith has also been known to restart songs after “missing the cool guitar part.”

Reports confirm that local Netflix watcher, Mitch Naismith, has rewinded the same 10-second sequence in the latest episode of Criminal Minds after missing what he presumed to be a key detail.

“Wait, what just happened? I was scrolling through Twitter and wasn’t paying attention,” reported a frantic Naismith. “Let me just rewind it real quick so I can see that part again.”

After rewinding the show 10 seconds,Naismith returned to his Twitter stupor, once again missing the moment when the detectives learn a key piece of information in their investigation of a serial killer in Spokane, Washington.

Naismith’s roommate, George Keller, who was watching the show with him, reportedly grew increasingly impatient.

“Dude, this is the third time you’ve rewinded. Pay attention,” said a frustrated Keller, who was on CandyCrush, instead of Twitter. “You didn’t even miss anything this time.”

As the episode reached an intense climax, Naismith reportedly paused the episode so he could turn on subtitles, saying, “I want to remember exactly what they say.”

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